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Welcome to the UEAS main site. I know I would not get any award thanks to its design but I'm sure it's enough to let everybody know about the status of the project :) Please visit the links above to have quick access to things like the documentation, download the latest release or the news section of the project page in SourceForge.

UEAS stands for Universal Email Access Service. It is a service that allows users to have access to their POP or IMAP-based email accounts from virtually any kind of device. Currently access for HTML devices, WAP/WML devices and VoiceXML has been implemented, but more can be easily added without having to change any single bit of the code. That flexibility is provided but the template engine that on top of which the application is built. The main advantage of UEAS in front of any of the other web-based email services is that it is only a single application which provides the support for all the different devices. It is built on Sun's Java and needs of a servlet container such as Tomcat.

Please do not hesitate to use SourceForge's tools to report any bug or request any feature you would like to see in the software, or feel free to contact me at phunkphorce AT

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